Welcome to the Sewing Nerd

We are a custom workroom in south Utah County that specializes in creating friggin awesome cushions, pillows, and slipcovers that you can't live without. We work with professional designers and everyday homeowners that are looking to uplevel and create awesome spaces with the help of our amazing services.

Meet our Fearless Leader

My name is Katie, and I am addicted to fabric… My love for textiles is fierce. Amazing fabric just speaks to me and I love how it can add so much personality to any space whether it is big or small, old or new or if you are on a budget or have endless funds to spend! So naturally, custom pieces are the “sass” that can bring any space to life!

I am a nerd at heart, which is how I got the nickname "The Sewing Nerd." I love a good fanny pack, 80’s music, 90’s rap, a healthy stash of office supplies and Jazzercise. I have two fantastic kids, who I swear are growing by the minute and are eating me out of house and home; and an even more fantastic husband who just kills it in life and supports my crazy dreams. Bless his beautiful soul!

I have an eye for texture, color, style, and taste that can't be taught. People go from being overwhelmed to confident and excited about their space after I get my hand on their projects.

You can find my work in multi million dollar homes, private jets, celebrity hideaways, and even the house next door. When people in this industry need custom pieces, they always hear my name being recommended. I have a decade of experience creating the most epic spaces for all of my clients!

Katie Mortensen

Katie Sweat Shop

How we work

We are spreading the love, one cushion, pillow, and slipcover at a time!

We work hard to create an awesome experience from start to finish. There are a bazillion different options out there from fabrics to foam and it can be overwhelming trying to navigate everything. That's where we thrive! It is a fun game for us to get to know you, and inject each client's personality into the project. We have an obsession with finding the right fit for you.

Each project is custom and handled with love.

Just spreading the love, one cushion, pillow, and slipcover at a time!