Why Are Hotel Pillows So Comfortable? 3 Hotel Tricks

why are hotel pillows so comfortable

You’re not alone if you’ve ever thought about snagging a pillow from your hotel room–I can’t be the only one, right? But, like, why are hotel pillows so comfortable? They feel like fluffy clouds that are infused with pure relaxation. It’s as if the hotel fairies sprinkled them with extra sleep-inducing magic, while our own…

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What is a Sham: 2023 Updated Style Guide

what is a sham

Before you ask, no, shams are not a sham. Rather, they’re the latest must-have in home decor.    Hi, I’m Katie, the sewing nerd, and I’d like to introduce you to your new favorite thing, the pillow sham.   First things first, don’t be self-conscious. You’re not the first to ask ”What is a pillow…

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Pillowtalk: What Are Down Alternative Pillows?

What are down alternative pillows

Wondering What Are Down Alternative Pillows? First off, I’m proud of you for asking this question! As The Sewing Nerd, I sleep, dream, eat and live pillows. Okay maybe that’s a little dramatic, but seriously, name a type of pillow and I’ve probably made it, and I believe every space can be elevated by a…

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Custom Bench Cushions: Fully Custom Size, Material, & Design

custom bench cushions

Custom bench cushions are a beautiful way to personalize your home and add extra comfy seating and style! If you’re wondering if you should invest in custom bench cushions, remember my motto “Life is too short, buy the damn pillow.” Whatever the size of the bench—whether in the kitchen, end of the bed, outdoor deck,…

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Pillow 101: What Size Are Euro Pillows?

what size are euro pillows

You thought a pillow was just a pillow, huh? Wrong! Pillows are like people; they come in all shapes and sizes, and not one is completely like the other. When it comes to decorating a home, you may find yourself down an endless rabbit hole of stuffing, fibers, and patterns. Next thing you know, dinner…

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The Cost of Fabric Exposed: Is Your Wallet Ready for this?

cost of fabric

The cost of fabric completely depends on what you’re using it for. If your daughter wants to sew her first pillowcase, then by golly, Walmart fabric will do. But if you’re embarking on a home project like decorative throw pillows or cushions, then you’ll need some durable, high-quality fabric. But only after I kindly ask…

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How Often Should You Replace Pillows? The Secret!

how often should you replace your pillows

Us ladies are full of secrets, so allow me to let you in on another; how often you should replace pillows. These days, manufacturers are cutting costs left and right by only using cute fabric on one side of the pillow, compromising the quality of materials (high-performance fabrics), and filling them with some fluffy crap.…

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