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A gathering of “Sassy with a Touch of Classy” pillows that can easily add a pop of attitude to your space!

Patchwork Out of stock


On sale $25.00
Natural Star Sale

Natural Star

On sale from $25.00
Jade Weave Out of stock

Jade Weave

On sale $30.00
Coral Stripe Velvet Out of stock

Coral Stripe Velvet

On sale from $30.00
Gold Velvet Out of stock

Gold Velvet

On sale from $20.00
Grey Bird Out of stock

Grey Bird

On sale from $25.00
Cherry Blossom Sale

Cherry Blossom

On sale from $25.00
Jade Velvet Out of stock

Jade Velvet

On sale $20.00
Blue Floral Sale

Blue Floral

On sale $30.00
Blue Velvet Geometric Out of stock

Blue Velvet Geometric

On sale $30.00
Faux Fur in Grey Out of stock

Faux Fur in Grey

On sale $35.00
Turquoise and Cream Herringbone Out of stock

Turquoise and Cream Herringbone

On sale $30.00
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