How Often Should You Replace Pillows? The Secret!

Us ladies are full of secrets, so allow me to let you in on another; how often you should replace pillows. These days, manufacturers are cutting costs left and right by only using cute fabric on one side of the pillow, compromising the quality of materials (high-performance fabrics), and filling them with some fluffy crap. You know, the kind of cheap stuff we use to give our kids an indoor ‘White Christmas’ when Christmas Eve comes around and it’s still raining. Goodness, the things we do. 


If you buy your pillows from Target or Walmart, don’t expect them to last very long. In fact, you may need to replace them every season, depending on how reckless your kids are and if your dog likes to take over the couch secretly when you’re running errands… we all know they do.


So, what’s the answer? Buy custom-made pillows. At the Sewing Nerd, we NEVER compromise on quality. Your pillows are made specifically for you with custom insert sizing, quality Crypton and performance fabrics, and the best part is, they’re double-sided! That way, if you get a stain on one side, you can just flip it over! Oh, and one more thing. You will always have the perfect ‘chop,’ you know what we are talking about!


Sure it’s more expensive, but you’re using his money, so it’s free. Plus, having to buy new cheap pillows every season ends up being more costly. Life is too short, buy the damn pillow.


Nothing is worse than a grimy pillow, so roll up your sleeves, hide in your pantry so your kids can’t find you while you read this article, and let’s Joanna-Gains your house up. 

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How Often Should You Replace Pillows? THE BEDROOM.

From beauty sleep, to pillow fights and sexy time, the bedroom is where the magic happens. No question. After a long day, there is no better ‘welcome home’ gift than a beautifully made king-size bed adorned with gorgeous pillows to nap on. Or a trail of rose petals leading to a candlelit, music playing, kids asleep — pssst, who am I kidding? 


Although all of us ladies wish the house could stay in perfect shape year-long, some of us are lucky enough to have kiddos whose idea of a gift to their momma is a wet bed and a husband who conveniently always ‘forgets’ where the laundry basket is. But when it comes to the most magical room in the house, cleanliness certainly can’t be compromised. 


So pillows, how do we keep those things clean? Here are a few tips.

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We all know the drill; we may own a hundred pillows, but they must be carefully removed and stored on the floor to allow for sleep each night and returned the moment we wake up. The hubbies make fun of us and ask “Why do we need all these friggin’ pillows,” but if they watched Emilie Kiser chop her pillows on a perfectly made bed each morning, they’d get it. 


  • If you buy cheap decorative pillows, expect to replace them every 6 months to a year. As mentioned above, it depends on where you buy them, but most throw pillows are really crappily made. 
  • If you buy custom-made, high-quality pillows, they can last up to a decade if you take special care of them! Trust me, it’s worth the investment. Not to mention, they look so much better. (


To help your pillows last as long as possible, don’t let the kids jump on mom and dad’s bed, force the hubby to wash his feet before climbing into the covers, and spot-clean them as often as needed. If you have large windows, keep in mind that the sun will inevitably fade your pillows. So keep the curtains drawn during the heat of the day!

How Often Should You Replace Pillows? THE PORCH.

When it comes to outdoor furniture, special Crypton and high-performance fabrics and inserts are designed to withstand some weather and whatever is out there in the air. But don’t worry, we’ve been making custom outdoor pillows for years and know how it works. You definitely don’t want to compromise on quality for outdoor pillows, so if your current setup is looking ratty, let’s get you in my workshop so you can have outdoor pillows that will last.


The lifetime of outdoor pillows depends on how they are cared for as well, surprise! If the weather is looking bad, have the kids bring them in for the night and store them in a safe spot. Keep in mind, Sewing Nerd outdoor pillows are made to withstand a little weather, so it’s safe to keep them outside if there are light drizzles and wind.


  • Expect to replace cheap outdoor pillows every 6 months to a year, depending on where you live, how you care for them, and how well-behaved your kids are.
  • The Sewing Nerd custom outdoor pillows can last a very long time, and I’ll teach you the best tips and tricks to keep them good as new!

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How Often Should You Replace Pillows? THE LIVING ROOM.

Decorative pillows on the couch are a total and complete must-have. There are different levels of necessity, and this one makes the top. If your husband disagrees, send me an email and I’ll talk him into his senses for ya.


If your pillows are double-sided, they will last twice as long. Plus, you can choose two different fabrics if you’d like and switch ‘em up as often as you choose. 


If you’re worried about the kiddos absolutely destroying your precious pillows, remember that we use Crypton and high-performance fabrics so your living room can be, well, lived in. If you’re still worried, maybe consider buying the kids a bean bag that will take their attention away from mom’s pillows.


  • Target or Walmart-type pillows have a short life span, and if you’re actually living in your house, they won’t last longer than 6-12 months without looking hideous.
  • The Sewing Nerd living room pillows are double-sided, with high-quality durable fabrics (like Crypton) and stuffing. They are made to last!

The Secret Has Been Spilled, you’re welcome.

There’s no rule book for how often you should replace your pillows. In my house, I live on a prayer and good quality fabric every day. It’s worked for me so far, knock on wood.

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