Pillow 101: What Size Are Euro Pillows?

You thought a pillow was just a pillow, huh? Wrong! Pillows are like people; they come in all shapes and sizes, and not one is completely like the other. When it comes to decorating a home, you may find yourself down an endless rabbit hole of stuffing, fibers, and patterns. Next thing you know, dinner still isn’t cooked, the kids’ brains are rotting on the iPad, and you’re rethinking your whole home’s interior design. I know how it goes.


Girl, you don’t have time for this! There are crazy people who study and make custom pillows for a living (like me, and I’m only an email away). I’m Katie, by the way, The Sewing Nerd; it’s nice to meet you :).


So before you have a mental breakdown and get lost in pillow mania, let me give you the answer that you’re looking for, “what size are Euro pillows?” (and I’ll add a couple more important things too.)

Answer Revealed: What Size Are Euro Pillows?

The standard size of a European Pillow is 26 x 26 inches.


A European Pillow is simply an oversized square! They serve as decorative pieces on beds, sofas, chairs, or whatever you can dream up! I love European pillows on the bed because it adds so much dimension and beauty in addition to your standard pillows. I recommend 2 European pillows on a Queen and 3 on a King size bed. 


European pillows act as a beautiful fluffy backdrop to your pillow canvas and can match your bedspread or bring neutrals back in. Although your Euro pillows can be the main moment as well! 

What Size are Euro Pillows? What to look for.

  • Fluffiness: If the pillow is too stiff or saggy, it won’t give you the perfect “chop” we all aspire for. Don’t worry; I’ll make sure all your pillows pass the “chop” test.
  • Filling and Material: As a sewing expert, I know that material makes all the difference. Especially if you have kids, heck, those things will need to be ultra-high-performance. Down or feather fillings are some of a Euro pillow’s most common and preferred inserts. And for material, high-performance, and crypton fabrics are important for durability. I’ll source all the fabric and high-quality material for ya’ though, so don’t worry too much about this part.
  • Maintenance: One of the first quality cuts is removing one side of the pillow’s fabric, leaving the other empty. Our pillows at The Sewing Nerd are double-sided, meaning if you get a stain on one side, it still has another life! This makes maintenance easier and increases the lifetime of your pillows by years.

pillow shams

Difference Between Standard and European Pillows


The only difference between the two is shape and dimension. A standard-sized pillow is 20 x 26 inches. Queens are 20 x 30 inches, and Kings are 20 x 26 inches.


The purpose of different-sized pillows is to add dimension and charm. Trust me; I find that few other decorations are needed in a bedroom if the bed is adorned with throw pillows (same goes for your living room and outdoor furniture


Most commonly, Euro pillows are placed first, with the smaller sizes in front. But hey, you can make your bed however you’d like; I won’t stop ya!


Here’s a picture guide to help you visualize the different traditional pillow sizes and how they are typically organized.

what size are euro pillows

How To Style Euro Pillows

Usually, sleeping pillows are stacked against the headboard with a King or Queen sham that sits on top to hide them. Then you layer the Euro pillows in front of them, with more pillows following. Depending on your preference, you can throw a ton of throw pillows on, or a long lumbar in front to balance it out. You never want to see the sleeping pillows on a bed arrangement!


  1. Sleeping Pillows
  2. Euro Pillows (1 Euro sham for a twin bed. 2 Euro shams work for a Queen/Full sized bed. Go for 3 if you have a King!)
  3. Additional pillows (I can create whatever shape you’d like!)


Read our other article about How to Mix and Match Pillows for a deeper dive! We cover everything from size to structure and shape. 

Can I Break the Pillow Rules?

Umm… YES, and I’ll help you too! If you can think of it, I can make it come to life. In my workshop, there are no rules for pillows. That’s the beauty of custom-made pillows; you get to make the rules! 


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