Every good bench deserves a fabulous cushion


The beautiful thing about going custom is that the options are endless. Not every bench, nook, and crannies are alike. We have the ability to create custom cushions in ANY size, shape or fill! We can assure that your cushion is not only comfortable but will fit your space like a glove. If there is a void in your home, and we are here to fill it. Don't let that cool space go unused because you can't find the right cushion for it. GO CUSTOM!

Why choose us

We take our cushions seriously and to us, quality IS everything! That is why we only use durable fabrics and furniture-grade foam in creating our cushions. We can make a cushion with any fabric and any shape you may have. We will help you find the EXACT fabric for your lifestyle. We are talking kid, pet, and husband proof. These suckers are made to take a beating! I know what you are thinking and YES most covers can be removed and washed.


Just spreading the love, one cushion, pillow, and slipcover at a time!