Slipcovers are the makeover your furniture deserves


Not only do we create friggin awesome custom cushions and pillows, we also create friggin amazing slipcovers for our LOCAL to Utah clients! In our slipcovers division we create fabulous custom fitted slipcovers that are removable AND washable! I know.. right?!

We love transforming something old or fugly into something rad and amazing. If it has good bones, we can work with it.

Why choose us

Because of my awesome skills, I physically need the furniture to make the slipcover. Remember how I said “Local to UTAH?”… I promise, I cant make slipcovers off of measurements and pictures. I know I have amazing skills, but that’s just damn ridiculous…

Contact us for further details. Not every project can have that new facelift.


Just spreading the love, one cushion, pillow, and slipcover at a time!