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  • Name: Erika Loveland
  • Email:
  • Phone: 7022852171
  • Project Location: Las Vegas (but can pick up in UT)


  • How many cushions are you needing? 2-3? For a breakfast banquette
  • What are the dimensions of each cushion (width and depth) in inches, and do you know what thickness of foam you need (h)? 1 – 78×16.75 ; 1 – 63×16.75; 3inches h
  • Do your cushions have any angles or curves or need any cutouts? If so, please draw out your cushion shape with it’s measurements and upload it here:×150.jpeg,×150.jpeg
  • Upload any pictures of your space as well as any inspiration pictures to help us get an idea of what you are looking for:×150.png,×150.png,×150.png
  • Do you need help selecting fabulous fabrics? I sure do!

Project Location: Las Vegas (but can pick up in UT)

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