Custom Bench Cushions: Fully Custom Size, Material, & Design

Custom bench cushions are a beautiful way to personalize your home and add extra comfy seating and style! If you’re wondering if you should invest in custom bench cushions, remember my motto “Life is too short, buy the damn pillow.” Whatever the size of the bench—whether in the kitchen, end of the bed, outdoor deck, or children’s play area—I, The Sewing Nerd, have got you covered! We can make any size or shape, so don’t let that hold you back. 

Considering my years of experience working in the home-tailoring industry, I know bench cushioning like the back of my hand. I’ve decided to share some of my knowledge and secrets… so here is what you need to know.

Types of Custom Bench Cushions

Removable from bench top; removable cover

Cushions that are removable from the bench top are called “Loose Cushions,” and can move around as needed. Although this makes them easier to wash—the covers have a zipper in them so they too can be removed and laundered when needed—they can be lost or move out of place. To fix this problem, I advise my clients to have a lip on the bench top to help keep the cushions in place.

removable bench cushions

Removable from bench top; cover not removable

Also known as French Cushions; these are my personal favorite. While they are loose cushions that are removable from the bench top and can be moved around, the covers are not removable for cleaning or washing purposes. This is because the inside foam is hand tufted and stitched to get the “mattress” detailing. French cushions are extremely labor-intensive, but also absolutely gorgeous.

Imagine a fine country French-style home, with a screened-in porch overlooking the grassy hills, reading a romance book on your custom French cushions. You get the idea. But a family home in a Draper, Utah neighborhood also works and might be slightly more realistic.

french cushions

Mounted to bench top; cover not removable

These are called “upholstered cushions,” meaning the fabrics are permanently attached to the board-mounted foam, and then attached to the bench top. The cushions conveniently will not move around or get misplaced, although the permanent attachment makes it so that the covers cannot be removed for the wash. 

This is the same for upholstered backs as well, although there are some different design details; diamond and square tufting, buttoning, channeling, or kay plain wrapped cushions.

Either way, all three of these custom bench cushions will elevate your home and add comfort and style! If you’re not sure which type of cushion is the best fit for your space, contact me for a free consultation and we can start designing! Everything at the Sewing Nerd is custom, so there is no limit to size, shapes, thicknesses, or design.

custom bench cushions

Best Fabric for Custom Bench Cushions

Choosing a good fabric is very important when it comes to bench cushions, and I always recommend performance fabrics because they are durable and can be cleaned. If you go with upholstery, the fabric needs to be upholstery grade! And I highly recommend that it is a performance fabric.

Best Filler for Custom Bench Cushions

Similar to fabric, not all foam is created equal. The foam you will find at craft and hardware stores is cheap and won’t last! The better the quality of the foam, the longer-lasting the cushion will be.

Standard cushions should be made of high-grade foam with a 1” Dacron wrap (batting) to give the cushion look. For a more casual look, you can use foam in a down or faux down envelope to give more of a “couch cushion” or “restoration hardware” look.