Why Are Hotel Pillows So Comfortable? 3 Hotel Tricks

You’re not alone if you’ve ever thought about snagging a pillow from your hotel room–I can’t be the only one, right? But, like, why are hotel pillows so comfortable? They feel like fluffy clouds that are infused with pure relaxation. It’s as if the hotel fairies sprinkled them with extra sleep-inducing magic, while our own pillows at home are just… well, pillows.


I’ll let you in on a little secret. You’re able to get this same magical feeling at home too. The comfortability of a pillow depends on three factors: the stuffing, the fluffing, and the protective covers. Are you writing this down yet?


Let’s dive deep into this crazy comfy phenomenon and uncover (hehe, punny) the secrets behind those heavenly hotel pillows.

Why Are Hotel Pillows So Comfortable? Here Are 3 Reasons:

Hotels spend a lot of time and cash moneyz finding the best pillows for their guests. I mean, it’s their job to be good at sleep, isn’t it? If there were a doctorate degree for finding the comfiest pillows on earth, they would be the course professor. They’re literal pros with all the pillow tricks, and I’ve got to be right up there behind them. *wink, wink*


Here’s the good news. Once you hack the pillow system, you can achieve great sleep–every single night. So without further adieu, hotels prioritize three things to achieve the comfiest pillows. Let’s finally get into it!

1. Stuffing Material

Pillows filled with synthetic or cheaper material tend to get squished down easily and cannot be re-fluffed back to their original plumpness. This is when you get pillows with rough clumps of filling, which become severely flat and lopsided–aka a literal pain in the neck.


Hotel pillows earn their comfiness badge because they typically fill them with natural and high-quality materials like 100% goose down or feathers. These materials stay fluffy, retain their shape longer, and have that perfect combination of soft and supportive. Ding, ding, ding!


Filling options can be endless. I do this all day, every day. If you’re looking to level up your pillow game, contact me with any filling questions so I can take the headache out of it all. You really don’t have the time.

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2. Regular Fluffing

Before you think I’m nuts… Yes, a good ol’ fluffing really makes a difference in your pillow’s comfortability. Not to be rude, but your head is kind of heavy. That’s why hotel housekeepers fluff pillows between each guest. Fibers can get squished down, and permanently damaged, yikesss. 


Consistent fluffing increases airflow into the insert and plumps filling up, resuscitating it back to life and its comfy shape. So not only do you have to worry about packing school lunches, doing the laundry, and chasing toddlers around, but now you need to pencil in some pillow-fluffing time. (Don’t worry. I’m joking–sort of.) 

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3. Why are Hotel Pillows so Comfortable? Protective Covers

If you’re a hotel pillow fanatic like me, you’ve probably noticed the number of pillowcases each hotel pillow has. Yep, there’s not just one, but at least two on every single pillow. And before you think it’s a mistake, there’s actually a logical reason behind it.


A thicker, high-quality protective pillowcase for your head marshmallows–I mean pillows–keeps them fresh and fluffy for longer. Fun fact: The right fabric can make or break a pillow. And finding superior material for pillowcases happens to be my middle name. (jk, it’s really Jane). But either way, I stress over finding the best covers for your specific pillows so you don’t have to.

why are hotel pillows so comfortable

How To Choose the Right Fluffiness for Your Sleeping Position

Finding a comfortable pillow can be a real head-scratcher (pun intended). Believe it or not, comfy pillows also have much to do with your preferred sleeping position. Whether you’re a serial side sleeper, back sleeper, or stomach sleeper enthusiast, there’s a fluffy sleep companion of your dreams out there.


I’m the ultimate matchmaker. Our pillow fillings at The Sewing Nerd are fully customizable. Just let me know your fluffiness preference based on your sleeping position. Take a look at each below!


  • Side sleeper. Side sleepers need a higher and firmer pillow than most. Your pillow must fill the gap between the bed and your ear to keep the spine aligned and level. Side sleepers usually find thicker pillows the most comfortable.


  • Back sleeper. These kinds of sleepers need a pillow to support the natural curvature of the neck. Not too high, not too flat–something right in the middle. A sweet spot, if you will. That’s why the comfiest pillows for back sleepers seem to be a mid-loft pillow, or three to five inches thick. 


  • Stomach sleeper. Ah, stomach sleepers. The true rule breakers of the sleeping world. Most doctors don’t recommend sleeping on your stomach because it can over-stretch your spine. But sometimes, we can’t help what our bodies do in dreamland. Finding a pillow with softer and flatter inserts will be the comfiest and healthiest for our side sleeper friends.

It’s Okay To Be Pillow Picky

Hotel pillows are designed with one mission in mind: to give us tired souls the comfort we so desperately crave. But fear not. Armed with the secrets of hotel pillow masters, now you can fill your home with the comfiest pillows on the planet. 


Put the hotel pillow down, girl; there’s a better way. Whether it’s a pillow stuffed perfectly plump for your side sleeping habit or a soft and thinner type for your stomach snoozes; your perfect pillow match is out there waiting for you. And believe it or not, there are experts in this world (like me) who can design a custom pillow for you!

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